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Lianyungang Shuangdie Dyes Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful city of Lianyungang, which is called as "East Bridgehead of Eurasia Continental Bridge", and is situated in the province-level chemical industrial zone - Lianyungang Chemical Industrial Park in Jiangsu province. Shuangdie now covers an area of 32,000sqm, and has more than 20,000sqm of buildings as main factory and auxiliary facilities. At present, Lianyungang Shuangdie Dyes Chemical Co., Ltd. is a young and modern enterprise encompassing scientific research, manufacturing and trade.

The company mainly engages in producing oil-soluble dyes and acid dyes, basic, reactive, and weak acid dyes and dozens of varieties of products and dye intermediates. Oil-soluble dyes include solvent red 23, solvent red 24, solvent red 5B, solvent yellow 14, solvent yellow 16; acid dyes include acid scarlet GR, acid scarlet 3R, acid red A, acid orange II, acid golden G, and etc.; dye intermediates are 4-Aminoazobenzene HCl, G salt, R salt, Schaffer's salt, Schaeffer's acid potassium salt, K acid, 1,4 acid, and etc. Our featured products acid scarlet GR and acid red A have strong competitiveness. The company is a well known dye manufacturer in the north of the Yangtze River.

There are dozens of technicians working for Shuangdie now. Following people's demands and adopting good management system, we are working hard to offer you reliable products with steady performance; sticking to such business idea of "honest business", we are striving to make "Shuangdie" a representative of "quality and honesty"!

Chairman and General Manager Zhang Hongshun as well as all employees sincerely give the best regards to customers all over the world!

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